Driver Qualification Files

The driver qualification file is an FMCSA record-keeping requirement that trucking companies must meet for every employed driver.
The businesses that are regulated by the DOT are need to have a Driver Qualification File. A driver qualification file checklist may be helpful to ensure that all required documents and inquiries are obtained.
The number of documents required to be in each driver’s qualification file, is included in the 49 CFR 391.51.
Overall, it is very complicated and time-consuming process. What you need is a simple and step wise step filling and uploading of forms or certificates. Isn’t it? That’s what JST is providing to you. The following are the documents to be included in the file:

1. Driver's application for employment.
2. Driver’s previous employment safety performance history for the three years. (U.S. Coast Guard)
3. Driver’s Motor Vehicle Record and Carrier’s Annual Review of Record.
4. Driver’s annual Certification of Violations.
5. Driver’s road test certificate.
6. Driver’s medical certificate.

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