ARB Number

ARB number is the number assigned by Air Resources Board. It is for all the refrigerated vehicles who have to pass from California. They have to test their reefer units test for the emission and if they passed the test then the reefer units are required to have ARB number on them. In case you are living outside California then you don’t require ARB number.

Why you require ARB number?

It is still a better idea to get your trailers registered and have an ARB numbers for them, especially if they are compliant. This will help to identify your compliant unit engine. It becomes more important if you have replaced your engine to make your unit compliant. The officer will not take longer to open the unit doors and inspect the engine to confirm. They will note the year of your trailer and assume the reefer unit is not compliant.
Transport Refrigeration Units also known as TRU are the refrigeration system runs on diesel internal combustion engines. They are made to refrigerate or heat any particular product during its transportation. But diesel particulate matter is considered to be air pollutant. CARB adopted Airborne Toxic Control Measure for TRUs, sets operate on Feb 26, 2004 with amendments in 2010 and 2011. To prevent you from this type to problem JST Truck Permit is here to help in getting your ARB number faster.