DOT Compliance Management

The department of transportation is responsible for maintaining the safety and security of our transportation system. DOT compliance is achieved when the company meets the standards of DOT. Violation of any of the regulations may cause serious consequences.

The standards related to safety sensitive issue are:

Record keeping

• Hours of service
• Bills of manifest and lading
• Dispatch and trip records
• Expense receipt
• Fleet management
• Payroll records and settlements

Drug and Alcohol testing

Employees must submit the routine drug and alcohol check-up. They should be well aware of the regulations that they are subjected to random testing. Supervisors are trained in drug and alcohol awareness and know the signs of use.

Hazardous Materials

The hazardous materials should be moved in specific vehicles allowed by DOT only. Placards must be visible on the vehicle clearly specifies the type of hazardous material being transported.

Vehicle Inspection

The drivers must inspect their vehicle before and after trip. The inspection must be recorded in a proper way. It is also mandatory to fill inspection form when safety and equipment issues found. The problem and repair must be documented.

Load Securing

The DOT has set guidelines for the securing loads and cargo. These rules maintain the vehicle balance and prevent any mishappening due to loads.

After the audit, the carrier will receive written notification within 45days whether, he has passed the audit or not.