MCS 150 Update

MCS-150 should be updated after every 2 years. All motor carriers may get fined if they don’t update the MCS-150. Even if your MCS-150 has no change, you must update it in two years to be in compliance with FMCSA MCS-150 regulation 49 CFR Part §390.19. Let JST Truck Permits take care of your MCS 150 update. The update must be completed in the appropriate month, every even or odd year, based on your DOT#.

Importance of MCS 150

It is important to update your MCS 150 because the FMCSA use this information while to calculate the safety according to its new safety measurement system, accountability, compliance, and safety. The data provided by the motor carriers is used to calculate the safety performance with CSA’s Behaviour Analyses & Safety Improvement Categories (BASICS). Inaccurate data can impact safety performance scores. Plus, there could be civil penalties of $1000/day.

Let JST Truck Permits take care of your MCS 150 update