Random Drug Testing Enrollment

To conduct a truly random drug and alcohol screening process – each employee must have an equal chance to be selected and tested. These are completed quarterly. Under 49 CFR Part 382.305 of FMCSA Motor Carrier Regulation, random drug testing is mandatory for the safety sensitive employees.

Who will gets tested?

For testing purpose people are chosen the basis of their job functions not their occupations titles. The employees which perform safety sensitive functions are chosen for the random selection for testing. The DOT and non-DOT random testing pools must be different from each other.

How employees are selected for testing?

First of all, everyone in the pool must have an equal chance to be selected for the testing. The selection from the pool can be done on the basis of name, identifying title, or with FRA regulated testing. Be sure to choose scientifically valid proven methods for selection, which may include a computer based random number generator or use of a random number table.

How often will random testing take place?

The random selection and testing should be performed at least quarterly. The process is totally an element of surprise for the employees because they know that they will be tested but when, they never know. Some employers are selected and tested more frequently

How employees being notifies for a test?

An employee should be carefully notifying about the random testing according to your company’s policy. But the random testing must be done in a strict manner with a minimum number of people having information about the testing list.

Maintaining and evaluating random program?

Service agents and the C/TPAs providing the random selection and testing services on daily or weekly basis should monitor the random testing that have been completed and compare them to those that were selected. If the testing has not been done in the specific time of the expected test date, the service agent and the C/TPA must contact the employer or can take necessary steps to complete the testing in the specific time period.