INC & LLC Filing

LLC means Limited Liability Company. An LLC provides the best resource for starting a new trucking company. In case of corporation you don't need an attorney in order to file the required paperwork but you needed professional consultation on numerous related matters. JST will provide you the best consultation.

LLC Filing

The Trucking industry, like all other major industries comes with a risk. Many new laws and regulations were made to reduce the accidents or any mishappening each year. But things still do go wrong, and then it becomes essential to protect your personal assets when this type of incident happens.
In LLC, owners don’t risk their personal assets like home, personal savings to pay for the settlement after any mishappening. The company might have to declare bankruptcy, but the individual doesn’t have to use his personal savings or assets to pay even the biggest of the damage in settlement. JST will provide you same day LLC Filing.

INC Filing

In a corporation, the owners are the shareholders. They are separate from the business itself and can’t be directly sued for personal assets. In create a corporation, you'll need a company name that's available to use. You'll need to know the types of corporation you're choosing, corporate address, and who's your Registered Agent. It could be a strong option for companies specially with large fleet. Apart from this, you will need your EIN number for the IRS. You will need to know that who your corporate offices and directors are. JST will providing the service of same day Inc. filing.