JST Truck Permits for your business

JST Truck Permits provides a complete solution for your trucking business. We have years of experience in implementing successful plans and strategies that has helped our customers in maximizing their profits. We are authorized service providers in Fresno, California and deals in all trucking services that will keep your fleet moving without any problem.
Trucking permits are needed to collect the tax from interstate truckers for total operated miles and fuel over the highways in United States.


1. 48 states IRP apportioned plates
2. MC Authority/ICC
3. New York HUT
5. UCR (Unified Carrier Registration)
6. Oregon (PUC)
7. New Mexico WDT
8. Kentucky Permit (KYU)
9. SCAC Code

IFTA Fuel Tax Permit:

The states of United States and the Canadian province has an agreement which is known to be IFTA fuel tax permit. It includes:

1. IFTA Account Setup
2. 2290 Filing (HVUT)
3. IFTA Compliance
4. Additional Decals
5. IFTA Quarterly Filing

DOT Drug & Alcohol Testing:

It is very necessary according to DOT to provide a drug and alcohol-free workplace and to keep all employees away from harmful substances. An employee engaged in harmful substances can cause damage to the property and rest of the employees too.
JST Truck Permits providing nation-wide drug and alcohol testing.

Supervisor Training:

A complete guide of training for supervisors that will help them to analyse and understand every small sign and symptoms of a drug addict and after completion of course they will understand how to catch a person who is taking drugs or consuming alcohol. With a systematic way in accordance with the company policies will further help them to take steps.

DOT Audit Support:

Well if you have not received any mail from FMCSA that doesn’t mean you will not be targeted by FMCSA in coming future. FMCSA conduct thousands of audits annually and you may be the next. So, don’t wait for the mail, stay ready with JST Truck Permits for any time audit.

Open New Trucking Company:

If you want to be your own boss, you are at the right place. Having your own business is a dream of every person. You can fulfil your dream by opening your own trucking company with JST Truck Permits.
It is a very hectic process because it requires number of documents and consumes lot of time. Don’t worry JST Truck Permits will do all the paper work for you and so just relax and call us